A whole new way to experience live events.

Better than being there. Even when you’re there.

Revolutionary for audiences

We help fans connect with live events more immersively than ever before – on-site, on mobile, and online.

Game changing for events

Venues, event producers, athletes and entertainers: we enable all new ways of attracting and activating fans.

Better for brands

Immersion means engagement, as the action happens and long after, on one central, always evolving platform.



The Big (IoT) Bang

30 billion IoT devices by 2020. That’s where most projections for connected devices shake out: we’ll be connected to, and through, around 4.25 IoT “things” per person on the planet in five year’s time. Those “things” will all busy themselves with a whole lot of tasks. Some will monitor our health or activity, revealing insights […]

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SEMA: Then and Now

Cars are core to our culture. Their beauty, performance, history, and how they express innovation and creativity: they’re an art form unto themselves.  When SEMAShow – the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, one of the biggest enthusiast gatherings in the world, all centered around specialty cars and aftermarket modifications – opens in Las Vegas next month, it will […]

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Looking Back – and Forward

The summer of 2015 will definitely be remembered as game changing when we all look back on it and remember when data meets world. We will remember when The Internet of Things (IoT), the latest name for everything connected, everywhere, brought new meaning and potential to the value of data in many markets. IoT is an […]

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